Welcome to Kirkland Clinical Associates. Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex

Therapy For Individuals


Being a human can be a difficult proposition. I know. I am one. We face work stress, financial woes, illness, family issues, grief and loss, and difficult life decisions. It can be overwhelming. And if we have depression, anxiety, anger issues or fears that are either real or imagined, we can begin to think that life is unmanageable.

Sometimes we respond to the past, even in the present. And, the past gets in our way. Sometimes we have an obstacle before us that seems insurmountable. And at times events happen to us that can be crushing and debilitating like a death, divorce, break up, life transition or job loss. We can work through these issues together to get to the “other side”.

My hope is that this office can be your safe place where you can share your thoughts, feelings, stories, perceived failures and successes, with no judgment whatsoever. That’s why I am here. That’s the focus of this office. I have found that adults who are active in therapy on a weekly basis make the most improvement, and usually make that improvement more quickly. I hope you will schedule a time to come in. Let’s talk.