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Therapy for Children


For many years I worked with children and their parents in social service organizations. And, in private practice I focused on children and the parent-child relationship. Therapy with children must focus not only on the child’s behavior but on an understanding of the child’s personality, experience, view of their world, and their environment. When one comes to understand these very important components, then real change may occur.

Some children enter therapy due to psychiatric disorders that inhibit their family, social, and school functioning. Others have behavioral problems that are sometimes confusing to parents and educators. And still others are coping with grief and loss, disappointment in life, and difficult in transitioning from one developmental stage to another.

The initial session is for parents only. This is the intake session and does not include the child, so I ask that the child not accompany the parents to the office for that appointment. During this session I will hear the story (history) of your family and your child’s. In this session you will describe what you see and hear from your child and let me know what you believe are the root issues affecting your child emotionally, socially, and educationally.

Then, you will schedule appointments for your child to come in. Weekly sessions have proven to be most beneficial in creating change in children. If your child is in crisis, I might ask for more than one session per week until the crisis passes.

I will make an initial assessment and treatment plan based on the information gained from the first two sessions. I ask that the parents schedule a meeting with me once per month, or more if the parents or I need to meet. Please schedule the parent meeting at a different time than your child’s appointment time.

Children who drive are welcome to come alone to their sessions, after I meet with the parents in the first session. If your child is a younger child I ask that you stay close by, in the waiting room during the sessions.

My commitment to parents is that I will always be available for support and I will never point an accusing finger at you. Being a parent is a tremendously difficult task. I understand. I have raised two daughters to adulthood. It is my hope that with counseling, guidance, and the right type of encouragement, the challenges of parenting will become easier and your child will find life more manageable.